1st Run

Thursday, 1 July 2070: The runners are contacted by Gypsy (their fixer) who states she has a job for them. If interested they are to meet their “Mr. Johnson” at a new dance club called the Flashpoint. After a little digging it’s discovered the Flashpoint has only been open a month and is owned by one Michelle Takai. She is apparently a Japanese business-woman who has been buying up clubs in Seattle’s higher class areas.

Friday, 2 July 2070 The runners meet at the club (with Crit being late) where they meet with Mr. Johnson. He explains to them he wants to hire them to infiltrate the security of the local Aztechnology office. He explains that he works for them and wishes to conduct a “security test”. The runners are to infiltrate the office and get away with a data file. After some negotiation with Jimmy Boulder the price is set at 7000 nuyen. 3500 now and 3500 after completion. The team has until Monday morning to complete the job. The runners hear about food riots going on in the Redmond Barrens.

Saturday 3 July 2070 Team discovers that Morlock has been killed in the food riots. Gypsy contacts the team and introduces “Sneap”, a runnner specializing in infiltration. Prodigal is able to search for and find some blueprints to the Aztechnology office. It is supposedly an HR office, but nothing can be found on it’s security (on the Matrix or Astrally). After a few different strategies and some surveillance, the team decides on Sunday night to hit the building.

Sunday 4 July 2070 Team makes the hit just after 10pm. After a full frontal assault, they infiltrate the office and obtain the file. In doing so they kill one corp guard and wound 2 others. Prodigal is moderately wounded in the firefight.

Monday 5 July 2070 The team meets with Mr. Johnson again. He apologizes for his lying and explains the run was a test and that he really works for Ares Corp. He wants the runners to go after an Aztech employee (whose information he obtains from the file the team acquired) who will be at a location in the Barrens at exactly midnight on Thursday night. The team and Johnson agree to terms of 4500 nuyen now and 4500 after the successful completion of the run.

Tuesday 6 July 2070 The team finds out from Gypsy that they are one down for the duration of the run. Prodigal 1 has been hospitalized with an infection to where he got shot.

Wed. 7 July – 8 July 2070 Sneap does some recon on the address where Boyd Stanton is supposed to arrive at, while Crit and Jimmy find out more about the target. Crit has a strange encounter with a talking dog/wolf. Later the entire team ends up in the Barrens on recon. During this time Crit talks them into the good graces with the Ancients go-gang. The Ancients explain they believe the building to be an Aztechnology safehouse. The team meets with Jackal (a Lt. for the gang) and he agrees to have his gang support them in the fight as long as they get 1/2 the loot from the building. He also agrees not to interfere with the team’s mission. Things take a twist when a DocWagon VTOL lands on the roof of the building at midnight (rather than the Aztech aircraft the team was expecting). Two DocWagon medics wheel what appears to be a body into the building and the VTOL leaves. At this time Tiny (the troll member of the Ancients with a stolen UCAS Army Panther cannon) blows up the doors for the team. Sneap enters the building first and is immediately taken down by an Aztech guard. Tiny takes him out with an explosive round from his cannon. While Crit is patching up Sneap, Jimmy wounds the 2nd guard with a shot to the chest. He then talks him into surrendering. The team enters the building, pilfers some medical supplies, and finds Stanton’s body. They then leave in “the Beast” (an old RV with a bit of armor on it that Jackal lends them). Gypsy directs them to a safehouse and a street doc arrives to patch up Sneap. The team meets with Mr. Johnson one last time and he congratulates them on a job well down. The team is paid the agreed fee. Later the team discoveres that 10 ancients died (and at least 3 Aztech security in heavy security armor, plus an Aztech chopper Tiny took out) in the firefight after they left the Barrens.

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